What is PowerPoint Template?

A PowerPoint template is a pattern or blueprint of a slide or group of slides. A template can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content. It also has an image and a text placeholder in where you can easily add text or image just by a click. You can create your own custom PowerPoint Templates and store them, reuse them, and share them with others.

Can I use PowerPoint Templates for my clients?

Yes, you are free to use our PowerPoint template to build presentations for your clients. We love providing designers with beautiful and functional design choices for their clients!

Can I buy multiple PowerPoint templates at a time?

Yes, you can buy as many PowerPoint templates as you need at a time.

Do you provide documentation and support?

Yes. “How to use or edit our PowerPoint templates” are publicly available on our website. For further support, email and contact form are available to customers, even if you not yet purchased our templates.

How can I download PowerPoint templates files after purchase?

After the payment procedure, a download link will appear automatically. There will be multiple links for multiple versions of a file. You can download single or all files as needed.

Can I download PowerPoint template in next time or in future?

Yes. You can download your PowerPoint template at any time. You can access the templates from my account page after login.

Can I edit or modify the PowerPoint templates?

Yes, our PowerPoint templates are completely editable. All graphics are created in PowerPoint and will be editable in PowerPoint. No need to use other tools like Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

How can I add image on the PowerPoint templates?

Our PowerPoint templates have image placeholder. Delete the existing image and click the image icon to add image. The image will added and sized according to placeholder. Also you can drag, move, resize it.

How can I add text on the PowerPoint template?

Just click the text placeholder and start typing, or paste text. Font, color, size, alignments are predefined, so just typing. Also, you can edit the formatting as needed. If the text exist, delete them and type or paste new text.

Do you provide customization?

Yes. we offer customization services for purchased PowerPoint templates to fit your complete branding. Contact us with your logo, color theme, corporate font etc.

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