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Presentation Speech: A Comprehensive Guide to Make it Professional

presentation speech

Presentation speech is one of the main features of a successful presentation. A great presentation has some core features which make it great. You can make a presentation with a great outlook, but if your presentation speech is not professional and better than you will lose the interest of the audience. That is why you have to make a good plan for a great speech. You can make a combination of some funny quotes with the technical speech. Here I am going to write some amazing tips for a great presentation speech.

Things to Consider


The audience is the main thing to consider for a presentation. First of all, research your audience. If possible then try to know about the audience deeply. If your audience is familiar with the presentation topic, then start the presentation speech at an advanced level. If the audience is a beginner or new about the topic, then start with the basic knowledge.

Speech Style:

Focus on your speech style more and more for a great presentation. Researchers have found that which presenters have given the speech as like a story has got more success. So you can follow the style. Make the people feel like they are listening to a story from you.

Plain Language:

Use the plain language for your presentation speech. Experts will suggest you use technical language for your presentation speech. But keep in mind that you can’t expect all of your audience can understand your language. Try to use a plain language for the presentation speech.

How to Make Great Presentation Speech?


Though the title of the presentation is a little thing, it plays an important role to take the attention of the audience. Try to make an eye catchy title for your speech. Try to make a title short but interesting. But you have to explain the whole things with a few words. Suppose you are giving a presentation on the new product marketing idea. Then you can make a title “New Product Sales goal and Strategy”.


Before you start your presentation speech, welcome your audience warmly with mice greetings. Behave like you are going to share something new and interesting to your audience. It will also make your audience that you are a friendly person and they will like you.

Short Description:

Before you go through the whole discussion, try to give an overview of the presentation you are going to present. This overview will help your audience to prepare mentally for the presentation and it will also attract the attention of the audience.


When you are giving or presenting the presentation, ask questions of your audience. For better performance, make the questions during you are making the presentation. When you ask questions of your audience, they give attention to your presentation subconsciously. That is why most of the experts suggest using some questions in the presentation speech. But keep in mind that, you shouldn’t ask a complex question. Rather you can ask a simple question which will make happy your audience.


Have you thought about the silence between the presentation? Most of the presenter just give the presentation speech without any silence. It can make the audience boar during the presentation. That is why I will suggest you take a break of 5-10 seconds during your presentation speech. This silence or break will help your audience to become quiet and easy. Scientists have said that human can keep attention in one thing for maximum 20 minutes. So you should stay silent for a while for a better performance.


Include a lot of statistics in your presentation speech to make the presentation valuable to your audience. People who are attending the presentation want to know deeply about the topic. Suppose you have mentioned an information in your presentation but you haven’t revealed the statistics of that info. Then the info will have lost its value. You should try to use statistics as much as you can.


You can use different quotes in your presentation speech. It can be something funny or related to the topic. Some funny quotes can make your audience feel better about your presentation. But if you are presenting a business presentation then it will be better to avoid quotes in the presentation speech.

Though I have mentioned some tips for a great presentation speech, you can also follow some other tips from the professional presenters. But keep in mind that you need a good voice to speak the speech in the right way. I wish, now you will be able to give the right speech for your presentation.

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