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What is Presentation and the Meaning of Presentation

the meaning of presentation

The Meaning of Presentation

The meaning of presentation is presenting something to the audience. Typically, it is a text, speech, video, images or something like that. The presentation is an important part of any business. When a business company invent something or plan something for their company, they let the other people know about that thing by presentations. The word presentation has come from pres·en·ta·tion. Presentation actually helps a person to visualize his thought for the other people. When someone makes a presentation, he tries to make a topic easier so that people can understand the topic with less effort.

Depending on the style, we can divide presentations into two different categories. One is Business Presentation and the other is the personal presentation. Business presentations are different in style. It has to be professional to fulfill the audience requirement. To make a perfect business presentation, the presenter has to make the presentation with different info, texts, images, graphs etc. On the other hand, when someone is making a personal presentation, no need to follow the professional style. Presenter often uses some funny things to make the presentation more attractive and keep the audience interest on the topic. I know you are thinking that what are the main or key element for a successful presentation. Here I am giving some mandatory element of a presentation.


This is the main part of a presentation. Before making the presentation, you should keep in mind what you have to do. Presenting stage has a great effect on the presentation. So before you start, know about the stage and the audience. Sometimes you have to present a topic in front of the audience who is not concern about the topic. In that case, you have to arrange the slides with the basic info at first. But if your audience has a little bit knowledge about the topic then never use the basic info. It will make the people boar. Like these examples, you have to think about all the necessary thing.


Already I have mentioned that you have to research about your audience. Before you making your presentation slides, know your audience as much as you can. You can classify your audience by different factors. As for example, the age of the audience, interest of the audience, education level of the audience etc.


No matter how much good your presentation is, if you are not a good presenter. It is so much important for a successful presentation. If the presenter is skilled enough and knows how to keep attraction of the audience, then he can present a better presentation. The presenter needs some major quality in him. Some of them are intellectual, a good sense of humor, ability to control a big amount of audience etc.


The presentation is a way to present a description of a topic with both speech and visual things. Most of the people think that only making a great presentation is enough. But they forget about the speech. When the presenter gives the speech in front of the audience, he has to give only those kind of speech which helps to keep the attention of the audience. That is why it is better to give importance to the speech of the presentation. The presenter should use the formal language but not the robotic language. That means using formal language is okay but it is also necessary to keep the attention of the people, that is why the presenter should also use some fun with his audience.

Audience Reaction

I have mentioned several time about the importance of the audience research. When you are presenting your presentation to your audience, observe carefully the reaction of your audience. You have to read their mind by observing them. If you find they are satisfied with the presentation, then it is ok. But if you find their reaction is negative and you should change your speech. To do the thing you need a proper knowledge about the topic. Sometimes telling a joke helps in this kind of situation.

No matter how much time you are spending to make your presentation if you can’t present it perfectly. Like the meaning of a presentation, you have to explain the whole thing about a topic.

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